Bjarne Christensen

Partner & Kreativ Direktør

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Daniel Gjøde

Partner & Direktør

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Christian Mogensen

Partner & Senior Rådgiver

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Mads Hostrup

Digital Designer & Frontend udvikler

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Klara Swantesson

Senior Designer & Animator

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Matias Hansen

Motion Designer & 3D Artist

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Søren Bo Bastian

Senior Art Director

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Ane Vithner

Motion Designer

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David Adalberth Andersen

Frontend Udvikler

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Jakob Chrøis

Motion Designer

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Christine Kragh-Mortensen


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Jakob Henner Pedersen

Digital Designer & Webudvikler

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21. december, 2007

Need an iPod case, check these out. And who says that no one uses 45’s anymore!? www.45ipodcases.com

Second part of the Live Contest campaign just hit the screens. Yum.

That is it for me. Today will be my last day at STUPID. My internship has sailed, and I have to go back to school. So, I would just like to thank: The academy for the award…!? All you at STUPID, the blogreaders, and all the fans – you’re the reason we do this. I […]

This year we decided not to print and send some fancy pansy Christmas cards to all you friends, suppliers, colleagues, lovers and dogs – Instead we’ve given the money saved to Unicef. And today we are packing our stuff, cleaning up our desktops and panicking over the last few presents we still have to buy… […]

20. december, 2007

Now it’s soon Christmas and we all got to think of each other. I’ll show you a religioius place where people care – it’s called Santa’s Ghetto (Bethlehem). Creatives like Banksy, Blu, Faile, Ron English and Swoon has been decorating the wall. Check it out here. Have a Merry Christmas. Salaam.

18. december, 2007

We have just been commissioned to make a brand new and complete redesign of the channel identity of Kanal København (“TV Copenhagen“). The redesign is much needed and a special challenge because of the channels variety in content. Kanal København only has limited access to their bandwidth and has to administer and share their sending […]

Right after the last award was given away, the champagne-bottles emptied and the last guest carried out, we where off to the next project.

In Denmark we have a tradition for making yearly “don’t blow your head off with fireworks”, usually whenever new-year is closing in. Mediasyd who is an old-timer in making these campaigns, asked us to be in charge of this years production and whenever we get the chance to blow things up … Well, we will always be there for you….[kml_flashembed movie=”http://stupid-studio.com/flashcontent/stupid_flv.swf” height=”315″ width=”420″ fvars=” moviename = fireworks1 ; moviepath = http://stupid-studio.com/flashcontent/video/ ; stupidred = 167 ; stupidgreen = 194 ; stupidblue = 85 ; stupidalpha = 100″ /]
Click Continue reading below to see the rest of the story, and what happened to the poor dog…

This friday will be the last working day of this year… And we will “beer you” from 4 p.m. at the Studio. Hope to see you there – Christmas hugs will hang loose!

It has been tough, wild and furious!!! But now I’m back at the blog and here is what I’ve been tumbling around doing the last couple of months. It started with a call, where we were asked to make the Danish Football Awards 2007 promotion-campaign for TV 2. Yet another show where we give away […]

17. december, 2007

This rocks! Check out this neatly balanced flash music video interactive experience. Even though you don’t like Arcade Fire, try flipping a few pages In the Neon Bible.