Har et soft spot for cheesy r'n'b. Nørd og poptøs i en krop.

Klara Swantesson

Senior Designer & Animator

Klara har igennem mange år arbejdet i spændingsfeltet mellem animation, storytelling og design og har formgivet et væld af identiteter for vores tv- og kulturkunder. Hun har en helt særlig stil, og hendes streg trækker den røde tråd igennem det meste af Stupid's portfolio.

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26. januar, 2015

Today we launch a new season of Artist Takeover Bianco. This time we helped Bianco team up with the interdisciplinary artist duo PUTPUT, who created a playful series of photographs on the theme “Everything has a Sole”. We are really happy for the result that came out of their collaboration and look forward to see their […]

15. november, 2011

Broadcasted: TV 2 Motion Graphics: TV 2 Logo and design: Stupid Studio Stupid helped TV 2 with the design for the On-air campaign, 11 september, a memorial day for the attack against World Trade Center. The campaign has now won gold in the British Promax competion in the category On-air campaign. A lot of campaign […]

30. november, 2010

This is not news, but I just stumpled upon this great animation by Kirsten Lepore, Story from North America from 2007. Lo-fi, weird and some frightening animated nipples on the father… Go and have a look here!

19. oktober, 2010

Nyborg municipality came to us to help them get young families move to an area called Jagtenborg in Nyborg. This is what came out of it!