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15. oktober, 2008

6 months and 7 workshops followed up by a horrifying high amount of coffee and croissants has now been determined into a 32 pages rapport and handed over to the folks at Mediasyd in Vejle. The creative communication agency Mediasyd needed a identity-brush-up and a closer look at their culture, competences and customers and asked […]

16. maj, 2008

The European Championship in Football is coming up and though Denmark hasn’t been able to make goals since 1992… it ain’t stopping us from making this who-is-the-best-footballspeaker-competition-commercial for TV 2, Carlsberg and Coca Cola. All spiced up with another great soundtrack by Hecq. Great day on the set with photographer Thomas Korsholm, Morten Øbro hooking […]

17. marts, 2008

Took this picture on a recent trip to London somewhere in Kensington. I don’t know who he is, why he’s there or why someone have put him there … But I thank the creators for breaking up our everyday-life-city-picture by decorating it with something unexpected and different. Something that can make us stop and think […]

21. februar, 2008

I recently spend a couple of days in wonderful San Francisco and went up on Haight Street. One of the places you just need to hang out once or twice in your lifetime. Here is everything from weird japanese design, conceptualized second-hand shops and one of the best recordshops I’ve ever seen. Amoeba Music. Go […]

18. december, 2007

Right after the last award was given away, the champagne-bottles emptied and the last guest carried out, we where off to the next project.

In Denmark we have a tradition for making yearly “don’t blow your head off with fireworks”, usually whenever new-year is closing in. Mediasyd who is an old-timer in making these campaigns, asked us to be in charge of this years production and whenever we get the chance to blow things up … Well, we will always be there for you….[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”315″ width=”420″ fvars=” moviename = fireworks1 ; moviepath = ; stupidred = 167 ; stupidgreen = 194 ; stupidblue = 85 ; stupidalpha = 100″ /]
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It has been tough, wild and furious!!! But now I’m back at the blog and here is what I’ve been tumbling around doing the last couple of months. It started with a call, where we were asked to make the Danish Football Awards 2007 promotion-campaign for TV 2. Yet another show where we give away […]

27. september, 2007

After a couple of days teaching at Designskolen Kolding I’m back behind the laptop with a great feeling of life-is-so-good-and-everything-is-gonna -be-allright-happy-happy-happy- blaaaa-blaaa-blaa … Why? As we speak eight teams of young hopeful and talented design-students are struggling with the production of eight very different music videos for the former Loveshop lead-singer Jens Unmack as a […]

Our lovely STUPID friend Noémie from Switzerland has done it!!! A few days ago she and a group a people, with absolutely nothing else to do in their life, decided to climbed the highest mountain in Europe Mont Blanc bringing along a jacuzzi. Yes, its true. “Let’s go to 4800m, strip naked and have a […]

13. september, 2007

Tons of metal, three crazy guys and mean machines with enough power to bring the earth out of orbit (for a second or two). – Great day on the set destroying things and a great time editing this trailer. Thanks to the guys from TV 2: Jesper Mogensen – Sound engineer, Jes Hansen – Photographer […]

15. august, 2007

Classic treasure-hunting meets highly sophisticated GPS Technology. Finally!!! Together with our client SiriusPartner in Copenhagen we are proud to present “The GPS Movie”. It has been an interesting experience to visualize “Sirius GPS Challenge” and a lot of useful marketing/production knowledge are now ready to be rocket-launched into a new project. Whatever it may be […]