Bjarne Christensen

Partner & Kreativ Direktør

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Daniel Gjøde

Partner & Direktør

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Christian Mogensen

Partner & Senior Rådgiver

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Mads Hostrup

Digital Designer & Frontend udvikler

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Klara Swantesson

Senior Designer & Animator

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Matias Hansen

Motion Designer & 3D Artist

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Søren Bo Bastian

Senior Art Director

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Ane Vithner

Motion Designer

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David Adalberth Andersen

Frontend Udvikler

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Jakob Chrøis

Motion Designer

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Christine Kragh-Mortensen


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Jakob Henner Pedersen

Digital Designer & Webudvikler

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29. januar, 2013

Igår var der premiere på DR’s nye kanal DR3 og dermed også “Monte Carlo Elsker Putin”, som vi har har været så heldige at lave grafik til. En dejlig blanding af Russisk Konstruktivisme, eksplosioner og ren propaganda! Gør som os og kig med idag kl 20.00 når Peter Falktoft og Esben Bjerre igen følger i Putins […]

26. januar, 2012

I just had to post this…it reminds me of life in NYC. What would the Danish version say?

29. august, 2011

Last night Zulu Comedy Galla took place for the third time at the Danish Royal Opera. It was the glamourous ending of a week with comedy festival. And yes! Stupid produced the graphics for the galla this year as well. You can all see the result of our work, and the show in total at […]

30. november, 2010

This is not news, but I just stumpled upon this great animation by Kirsten Lepore, Story from North America from 2007. Lo-fi, weird and some frightening animated nipples on the father… Go and have a look here!

20. oktober, 2009

Winter is here, and with the cold comes dead flies. The first instinct might be to use the vacumcleaner to get rid of the poor souls, but the photographer Magnus Muhr collected them for a higher purpose. There are more of them here!

25. maj, 2009

Now I never expected Amazon to be a funny website. But since the viral spirite took over at “three wolves howling at the moon” product site, people have been making fake reviews, causing the sales to go up by 2300%.  Read some of the reviews and you will probably find it hard to resist the […]

12. marts, 2009

1. We are now officially ineffective. 2. As of today we are contributors to all things cliché – but damn it’s good fun.

1. december, 2008

This is just what the world need. A portable toilet, and it’s eco-friendly. It’s completely degradable and highly functional. This is really what modern society has been waiting for, now you can crap everywhere. You can bring your very own toilet when going camping, trekking or when your attending summer festivals. So when you need to crap […]