Bjarne Christensen

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Daniel Gjøde

Partner & Direktør (orlov)

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Christian Mogensen

Digital Projektleder & Senior Rådgiver

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Mads Hostrup

Digital Designer & Frontend udvikler

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Klara Swantesson

Senior Designer & Animator

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Matias Hansen

Motion Designer & 3D Artist

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Søren Bo Bastian

Senior Art Director

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Ane Vithner

Motion Designer

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David Adalberth Andersen

Frontend Udvikler

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Jakob Chrøis

Motion Designer

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Christine Kragh-Mortensen


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Jakob Henner Pedersen

Digital Designer & Webudvikler

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13. maj, 2014

Netop nu kan du se Voice Junior rulle hver fredag på TV2. Et talentshow hvis formål er at finde de bedste stemmer blandt de yngste håbefulde unge mennesker vi har i Danmark. Vi var med hele vejen fra brainstorm og spæde oplæg, til koncept og optagelser, til færdig kampagne, tv-trailer og outdoor. en interessant proces […]

20. juni, 2012

Pixar klassikeren Monters Inc er nu på vej med en længe ventet efterfølger. Filmen er en prequel til den første film, og det tegner allerede yderst lovende i denne trailer om Sully og Mikes unge monsterdage på college.

4. november, 2009

Our OFF-trailer from this summer is now on the cover of Behance Network. Thank you for the compliment folks!

20. oktober, 2009

From the pretty unknown writer/director Adam Elliot comes a claymatic movie telling the tale of friendship between two unlikely pen pals: Mary, a lonely, eight-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max, a forty-four-year old, severely obese man living in New York. Funny, great looking and a shitload of appraisal from festivals. Might […]

15. oktober, 2009

Wes Anderson’s first animated film, using classic handmade stop motion techniques to tell the story of the children’s book by Roald Dahl, who’s probably more know for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “James and the Giant Peach”. It looks really funny and has already received amazing reviews. Great cast such as George Clooney, Meryl […]

3. august, 2009

Most people know the great children story “Where the Wild Things Are”, by Maurice Sendak. Little Max in his wolf suit that travels to the imaginary land of the wild creatures… Good news –  the story is now made into a feature film, written by Spike Jones and Dave Eggars and directed by Spike Jones. […]

30. juni, 2009

Well, as you might know STUPID created the visual identity for this years Odense International Film Festival. And now we’re proud to unveil the official trailer. We set out to capture the feeling and abstract elements that defines the film festival, and let these elements merge and assemble into the OFF logo. And as always our […]

16. marts, 2009

I´ve been following the progressing work with the swedish animated feature film Metropia for quite a while. What makes the project interesting is both the story, that takes place in a future Europe and its gigantic subway web, and the technique that is a mixture of animation and stills photography. An ambitious project that also […]