Bjarne Christensen

Partner & Kreativ Direktør

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Daniel Gjøde

Partner & Direktør

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Christian Mogensen

Partner & Senior Rådgiver

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Mads Hostrup

Digital Designer & Frontend udvikler

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Klara Swantesson

Senior Designer & Animator

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Matias Hansen

Motion Designer & 3D Artist

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Søren Bo Bastian

Senior Art Director

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Ane Vithner

Motion Designer

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David Adalberth Andersen

Frontend Udvikler

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Jakob Chrøis

Motion Designer

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Christine Kragh-Mortensen


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Jakob Henner Pedersen

Digital Designer & Webudvikler

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8. april, 2011

We recently created these promotional tee concepts based on sciency-quotes for The Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark. Illustration done in collaboration with wonderful Miss Lotion.

13. januar, 2010

I’m happy and proud to announce that I will be back at TYPO Berlin in may. I will be giving a presentation on the subject of “Passion”, and all I know at this point is that I’m passionate about the stuff we create here at Stupid Studio -and hopefully my passion, experience and cases will […]

15. december, 2009

Tip of the day: LetterCult is a blog/site which highlights artists & designers who are working their magic with custom letters. Samples of custom movie titles, custom logos and interviews with the masters. Custom-made, was, is and will be the thing to do!

4. december, 2009

Our own Stupid-typo-wizkid, Mads Burchart, is now featured on Typographyserved with a bunch of his nice logowork. Too humble to brag about it himself, the rest of us are proud to present: Mr Logo Mads excellent work!

18. november, 2009

The motion graphics we once did for the University of Southern Denmark, De Sammenhængende bånd, is now featured on the Vimeo Channel Nice Type. Unfortunately without sound, but yes – nice type!

20. oktober, 2009

If you like creative typography and kickass driving skills, this will be a real treat. Two font designers from Belgium and France (Damien & Pierre / PleaseLetMeDesign) recently collaborated with a belgian pro racer (Stef van Campenhoudt) to make a font with a car. With help from some custommade tracking software designed by the interactive […]

29. september, 2009

‘We’re very pleased to take the wrapper off Typedia, a community website to classify typefaces and educate people about them. We love type, and we have a burning desire to learn as much as possible about typefaces: where they come from, who made them, and why they look the way they do. We want everyone […]

9. juni, 2008

I like type, and I absolutely love Feel Script. It is based on lettering that calligrapher and logo designer Rand Holub created for Intertype for his face Monterey. It has been digitalized by Alejandro Paul, who is one of the founders of the Sudtipos project, the first Argentinean type foundry collective. He also added some […]