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Mads Hostrup

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Klara Swantesson

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Matias Hansen

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Søren Bo Bastian

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Ane Vithner

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Christine Kragh-Mortensen


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Jakob Henner Pedersen

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30. maj, 2012

Nu er der jo snart EM i fodbold, og her på Stupid er vi nogle suckers for både bold og visuelle effekter. Så derfor er denne video naturligvis lige til højrebenet her på bloggen

Lav efterfølgeren til verdens måske mest hypede musikvideo! Det lyder måske som en umulig opgave, men Yoann Lemoine & Iconoclast har igen overgået sig selv med dette monster af en effektbombe. Læn dig tilbage og gør dig klar til at tabe kæben. Og hvis du ikke allerede har set den første kan du fange den […]

11. januar, 2010

The main titles for the new motion picture Sherlock Holmes is amazing in every possible way.
Danny Yount & Co. from Prologue has worked their magic again. Nuff said.

13. november, 2009

If you don’t know ‘Socalled‘, it’s time for you to get to know him. Socalled aka Josh Dolgin, is a Canadian rapper and producer, known for his eclectic mixture of hip hop/klezmer/drum and bass and other types of folk music. I’ve been listening to this dude since his third studio album ‘Ghettoblaster’ which the track […]

11. november, 2009

Just stumbled across this beautiful and inspiring new spot for Guinness. Check it out and be inspired.

29. maj, 2009

We’ve been working like maniacs to make babies talk, and the result is a national campaign for 3F. Here’s three of the first six commercials. You can see all six on our Vimeo channel. http://vimeo.com/4899799 3F – Jeg niver dig http://vimeo.com/4899355 3F – Frakke på http://vimeo.com/4899787 3F – Hold kæft The voices are dubbed by […]

2. februar, 2009

Every year in january the television channel TV2 throws a party to kick off new marketing initiatives. Instead of using powerpoint-slideshows, several promo-spots are created. STUPID helped out putting together the sales-promotion segment. The spot is a crossbreed of a visual presentation and a sales pitch. Running at over six minutes, and with the sales […]

27. december, 2008

Here’s a few pics from a LEGO commercial shoot we did right before christmas. It was all shot on RED, which is officially my new favourite way of doing it. Yay! On the set Lars Neckelmann is busy directing kids, Thomas Korsholm is behind the camera, with Gitte Gammelgaard pulling the focus into place. Viggo(firm) […]