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Listen, we’ve all been to those meetings. Where everyone pretends to know everything, and the corporate speak is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Those meetings are the worst. So, at Stupid, we do it a little differently.

We have a playful approach to problem-solving and we like to think of our services as three interconnected journeys. Depending on your (t)ask, we will help you find a good starting point.


01 – Strategy & Facilitation

Without a solid strategy, no one knows where to go. We use playful facilitation methods, tried and tested over the years, to nail the right context and narrative along with your team.

Anticipating and preparing for the future is an important part of strategic thinking. It enriches the strategic context and how your strategy is planned and executed. Some might feel it’s a little naïve to strategically plan for the long-term future, especially if it’s filled with pie-in-the-sky projects. But we argue that’s the whole point. When you start to create visions for the future, however delusional they might be, you begin to define how you could potentially improve what you already have – and that sets the wheels of change in motion.

We can help you with
Strategic narratives  –  Facilitation of Complex Design / Business Challenges  –  Innovation Strategy & Approach  –  Impact Business Model  –  Experiential Futures  –  Bespoke Co-Creation Methods & Tools  –  Playful Workshops


Design Museum Denmark
Offering a glimpse of the future through tangible experiences

Play Included
Helping autistic children build fuller lives through play

02 – Identity & Experiences

No matter how good they are, stories don’t tell themselves. To bring your brand to life and amplify your purpose, we create visual identities, build experiences and services, and design content that engages your community.

Today, a brand develops its identity and personality through actions and behaviours. Which begs the question: What character does your brand have?

Is it the listening type – or does it not really care?
Is its target audience humans – or consumers?
Is it transparent and fair – or only in it for profit?

The organisations that have actively chosen to be on the side of change are the ones we engage with and are capable of helping. Through a clear purpose and value-driven approach to identity creation, we help you breathe life into your brand and connect with audiences authentically and genuinely.

We can help you with
Design Research  –  Brand Strategy & Architecture  –  Brand Naming  –  Visual & Sonic identity  –  Tone of Voice  –  Brand Guidelines  –  Communication Design  –  Illustration  –  Physical/Digital Immersive Experiences  –  Prototyping  –  Motion Design & Animation  –  Film

The David Collection
A rich physical experience made digital

TV 2 General Election Identity
Creating a visual framework to celebrate democracy and facilitate debate

03 – Cultural Transformation

All change starts at the bottom. We design and facilitate cultural transformation to ensure the way you work actually works and creates the impact you aspire to.

Culture is probably the most important ingredient in creating change - whether your goal is to transform your organisation or the mindset of people to engage them in your purpose and mission. Understanding your strategy is always the essential starting point. From there, we like to bring co-creation into the mix to ensure that your organisation and key stakeholders get on board with change and cultural transformation unfolds. Not only is that more fun and meaningful for everyone. It also increases the speed and quality of your innovation efforts significantly.

We can help you with
Employee branding  –  Organisational Learning & Habitual Change  –  Learning Through Play Sessions: New Ways of Working  –  Transformational Leadership Coaching  –  Cultural heat mapping  –  Cultural playbook  –  Ambassador programmes  –  Customised toolbox: Ways of working, rituals, communication & collaboration.

IKEA Co-create Movement
Democratise innovation to create a better everyday life for the many

Words are Contagious
Changing the way we speak to each other, one word at a time

Meet the team

Amanda Mikkelsen
Visual Designer
Birgitte B. Christensen
Visual Designer
Camilla Bramming
Content Specialist
Christian Mogensen
Executive Director & Partner
Christine Kragh-Mortensen
Project Director
Daniel Gjøde
Founder & Partner
Emilie Noer Bobek
Visual Designer
Enna Luise Ølgaard
Graphic Designer
Hanne Gjøde
Office Manager Odense
Ida Marie Grarup
Office Manager CPH
Jane Kloster
Play Designer & Facilitator
Jonas Nordahl
Senior Editor & Producer
Lars Grarup
Managing Director & Partner
Lars Neckelmann
Senior Producer & Filmmaker
Leyla Melis Aslan
Senior Digital Designer
Louise Gjøde
Production Manager
Nadine Brunet
Design Director
Neža Landeker
Senior Play & Experience Designer
Niels Fyrst
Senior Brand Designer
Rebecca Houmøller
Senior Play & Experience Designer
Sophia Kay
Senior Project Manager

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