We're a certified B Corp

Stupid has always been a young-at-heart studio. We were never really your regular 9-5’ers, more like your crunchy younger sister. And somewhere along the way, as environmental degradation and social injustices became all the more apparent, we asked ourselves, what if we only took on clients who want to make the world a better place?

Surprisingly, that decision turned out to be good for business, and through a series of remarkable events, we now find ourselves at the grown-ups’ table. We count NGOs, educational institutions, museums and some of the world’s biggest and most playful companies among our partners – and what’s more, we get to help them create positive impact.

This also means we’re at a stage where we actually have some clout. People listen to what we think, do and say. So, how can we use that to push for more good in the world? What’s up next for us?

To us, the natural answer was SOMETHING BIG!
Like, who didn’t feel a thrill of excitement when Patagonia declared it had gone purpose, not public? We certainly did. And when we ask around our offices, we sense an overwhelming collective desire to do more, not less.

Join us for lunch any day, and you’ll notice it’s not just the falafel and eggplant tikka masala that gets passed around the table. Ideas, news and opinions flow freely, and everyday activism is something we live and breathe. Our people care about what they eat, recycle, consume, buy, and say – and not least, whom they work with, support and lend their voice to.

Becoming a B Corp feels just right
As a company, we want someone to raise the bar for us and measure our social and environmental impact. We want to be held accountable. We want to find ways to make our business benefit a more diverse group of people, the communities surrounding us and the place we all call home, our planet.

By becoming a B Corp, we feel proud and humbled to join a global movement and follow in the footsteps of visionary organisations that insist on using business as a force for good. But most of all, we feel thrilled and excited about what we’ll be able to achieve together with our collaboration partners.

We’d love it if you join us for the ride.

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