On a job-hunt or looking for an internship?

We are Always on the Lookout For New Talent

But listen, we’re spoilt. Sometimes we receive more applications than we can handle. Please help us out by carefully consider what you put in your application. Take a look at our short guide below, before you apply.

We’re currently on the lookout for

Aspiring Digital Design Intern and Motion Design Intern

We’re on the lookout for a young aspiring digital designer or motion designer, who’d like to join our Stupid Studio Copenhagen team as an intern. Read more here


Applying for a job?

If you’re on the lookout for new adventures job-wise and want to send us an application, be a sweetheart and check off the list below and put the answers at THE TOP of your application email:

What are you applying for?
(You’d be surprised how many people leave this out!)
Are you applying for a job in Odense or Copenhagen?
Do you have an online portfolio? If so, please include a link.
Why are we a perfect match? Let us know, but keep it short
Be real: Do you belong in the (future) league of the world’s greatest developers, designers and producers?
Attach a short resume.

All set? Then submit your application

and write “job hunter” in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Looking for an internship?

We’ve had some seriously stellar interns over the years, and they’ve left the bar high. If you think you can jump it, let us know. Bonus points if you can answer a big resounding “YES” to the bullets below:

I can intern for minimum 4 months
I ace at motion design, digital design or design research
I have an infectious can-do attitude – as in, “yes I’ll help clear the dishes like everyone else” and “yes, I can mix a mean 7-ingredient cocktail”.

Submit your application and portfolio

and write “I love” in the subject line.

Next internship period: Summer/Fall 2019

Apply now!

+45 66 16 15 14

More questions than answers?