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We’re always on the lookout for new talent. But when we say talent, we mean talent. If you’re interested in being part of the Stupid team, please put some effort into your application and please follow the guidelines below.

Interns with ambitions

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We offer internships at Stupid Studio during fall and spring (anyhow, if your portfolio is brilliant don’t hesitate to sent us your application anytime of year). Go get your portfolio on!

Wanna Join Us?

This Is Us

The Stupid team is made up of people who value a balanced and sustainable lifestyle, people who take time to enjoy life outside work. We would never ask our team to work 50-hour weeks. We refuse to pitch for clients that keep us at arms length. We encourage personal projects. And we take time off with our team – to be together and learn new stuff.
Here’s what you can expect if you join the Stupid team:

· A working environment where we take our culture and work ethic seriously.

· A group of opinionated, passionate and talented people who love to collaborate with each other and with our clients.

· The chance to work with the best and most trusting clients in the world.

· A climate where you will be expected to help us become better. Every day.

· A team where we say “we” unless it’s to take personal responsibility for a mistake.


Tell Us Your Story – Like This

A few helpful tips

We know it sounds a bit blunt, but we receive a lot of applications and sometimes it’s more than we can handle. Please help us by taking the time to read the bullet points below and include them at the top of your application email.

· What are you applying for? (You’d be surprised how many people leave this out!)

· Are you applying for a job in Odense or Copenhagen?

· Do you have an online portfolio? If so, please include a link.

· Why are we a perfect match?  Please give us a short explanation.

· Only a few people can be the best developers/designers/producers in the world. What makes you think you are or can become one of them?

· Attach a short resume.

All set? We look forward to hearing from you!

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