Are You Okay? Stop the Violence!

Children exposed to violence is a serious issue and can be difficult to relate to. Together with Krisecenter Odense, one of Denmark’s principal women’s and children’s crisis shelters, we developed a digital educational program for schools nationwide, to help raise awareness, create more understanding and empower young victims to reach out for help.

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Social Impact

Our educational program for Danish schools empowered teachers and children to take action and helped raise awareness about the different forms of violence and abuse.

An engaging launch

included interactive educational elements, explainer videos and a celebrity advocacy push.

Increased awareness

about the different nuances of domestic violence, when to intervene and how to get help.

Free access for all

with funding for a nationwide digital rollout due to the physical educational materials initial success.


The Challenge

No, It´s Not Okay!

Each year, 22.000 children in Denmark experience violence at home – physical, emotional, verbal or psychological, just to name a few examples. To make matters worse, they aren’t likely to speak up. Why? They don’ t know that what they experience at home, is not okay. And if they do know it’s not okay, the widespread social stigma associated with domestic violence is likely to keep them from seeking help.

Odense Krisecenter, one of Denmark’s principal women’s and children’s crisis shelters, wanted to change that.

A Smarter Learning Tool

Back in 2010, Odense Krisecenter asked us to develop a physical learning tool for schools. It turned into a huge success, but it required a lot of resources. Each time it was being used in a class room, the teacher had to bring in a counselor and a police officer, too.

Luckily, The Ole Kirk Foundation decided to support the project, funding a digitized and interactive version of the tool that enables teachers nation-wide to carry out educational sessions on their own.



How Do You Tackle a Taboo?

Domestic violence is common. 1-2 children in every classroom experience it, so why aren’t we talking about it? In our workshops, we found that a part of the answer is that we don’t know how to. Our teachers are trained to teach kids math – not to recognize patterns of abuse. Moreover, like most taboos and serious subjects, it makes many of us feel awkward and ill at ease – and hence we avoid it.

But how about the kids who have endured domestic violence and received help? We were lucky to speak with some brave little souls – tough and wise beyond their years. Hearing them talk about their own, deeply personal experiences was enlightening to say the least – and that’s why we decided to use their stories to engage kids.

The solution

Are You Okay? Stop the Violence

Building on the personal stories of actual abuse victims, we developed an educational program engaging children in the many forms that domestic violence can take and how to reach out for help. The program included an interactive questionnaire disguised as a game, which allowed children to participate anonymously in the classroom.

To get word out about the problem and the program, we also developed an explainer film debunking myths about domestic violence, accompanied by a celebrity advocacy push with Danish singer-songwriter Anna David – herself a victim of domestic abuse.

The initiative was so successful that Odense Krisecenter received funding for a nationwide rollout. The program is currently being digitized for use in schools across the country.

In every classroom there is at least one child exposed to domestic violence. Stupid Studio devised a new way to beat that statistic.

Nadja Bruun
Cand.mag. in Science of Edcation,
Project Manager at Krisecenter Odense

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Partner, Creativity & Innovation

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