Average Death On Television

How are you going to die? That’s an unsettling question, but statistically it’s very easy to answer. That’s the premise of a radical new TV show. Stupid provided the branding and the infographics needed to discuss this universal theme.

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Branding Death

Guess What. You're going to die.

Sooner or later, everyone alive is going to die. You too. But most of us know very little about how humans leave this world. DR – the Danish national television station – decided to make a TV show about death. They reached out to us to help them explain death scenarios with some cheerful, yet accurate and informative graphics.

What are the odds of dying? Recent studies show it’s close to 100%.

Time Is Ticking, But Relax, It's Only Death

Making Heavy Stuff Light

Through the series “The Average Death”, we helped make death something people talk about. We used infographics, fun animations and entertaining communication hooks to get death out of the realm of the mystical.

The goal was to help the viewer step away from a taboo-laden relationship to death that might interfere with getting the most out of life. By focusing on the pragmatic aspects and cold, hard facts about departing this world, we tried to help make death a little bit more down to Earth.

Coffin Talks

Chatty Surroundings

Part of the program series was a series of short Vox Pops staged in matching coffins. From that position, couples, siblings and or just two good friends could talk openly about an often taboo topic.

How Average Is Death Really?

The Cold, Hard Facts

Statistics were a pivotal part of the program series, since we can all relate to facts and figures. The idea was to demystify death. Stupid gave the animated treatment to everything from the likelihood of dying in a plane crash to preferred burial songs to the hopes of communicating with the dead through a psychic. The bright colors and cheerful approach help the program communicate about death in a light-hearted, accessible way.


… for now

Christian Mogensen

Partner, Creativity & Impact

This was great fun to do! I still remember the call from the client saying “You’re all going to die… but before you do we need your help!” Who can say no to that, right? Average Death is the third season in “the average” series from DR we’ve been lucky enough to get our boney hands on. A real project to die for.

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