Ben Lukas Boysen

Berlin-based musician and sound designer, Ben Lukas Boysen, asked us to help him shape a fresh visual experience around his sonic universe. The result was real-time graphics, glitches, and intentional errors. A visual representation of Ben's musical language.

Branding, Content, Design, Motion Graphics, UX, Web Design

Making sound look great

The Challenge

Ben’s way of working is to combine and restructure the way he listens and understands music, and from there put its nature and elements into different contexts. This approach is very explorative and hands on, and his music ties together elements from genres as diverse as classical music, electronica, drum ‘n’ bass and film scores.

So the primary goal for us, was to translate his sound and style into a visual expression? Visualize him and his music.

Glitches, Breaks & Errors

Imperfection is Perfection

When you browse the site you’ll immediately take notice of how his music is played alongside various real-time visualizations. Also, we embedded small typographic errors and glitches that lend itself really well to his musical breaks and glitches.

The site is highly intuitive, the color schemes make it vivid, but never seem overpowered, the site’s structure is boiled down to vital information only. All things that are very important to me, yet I would not have been able to pin it down the way the guys did.”

Daniel Gjøde

Partner, Creativity & Innovation

Daniel is the founder of Stupid Studio and Chairman of our Board from where he oversees and guides the company's strategy, vision, and growth.
Since launching the agency in 2006, he has defined Stupid Studio's strategy and vision, guided its growth, and helped nurture its creative business culture.

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