Beoplay A2

When we created the campaign site for B&O Play's acclaimed A2 portable Bluetooth speaker, we worked closely with the B&O design team to bring the product alive. Photorealistic product animations gave the website a feeling of motion and action, and the animations helped explain design features and specifications in a compelling and engaging way.

3D, Animation, Branding, Motion Graphics, Web Design

Transcending The User Experience

Motion Creates Emotion

Film and animation are by far the most engaging type of content both online and offline. That’s because motion creates emotion. Our expertise in the cross-section between animation and interaction created an engaging user experience and helped visualize the product features in a compelling way.

The campaign site for BeoPlay became a whole new style of viewing experience, and the product shots, videos and animations we produced for the site added both freshness and novelty.
Below is a small montage of the different clips we created for BeoPlay.

The campaign site

The primary objective

We wanted to capture the attention of audiophiles who love B&O products with a beautiful mix of infographics and amazing product animations. The product animations helped explain technical specifications and visual features of B&O products and are much more compelling than the usual simple photo and a lot of heavy text.

Engaging Content

Perfect For Social Media

As a quick little extra, each animation was broken down into short video clips that focused on just one design feature or technical detail.

These super-short clips made for exciting and sharable content for B&O Play’s social media platforms.

BeoPlay A2 Visualization;

What's Needed?

Unlimited Product Visualizations

Once we were done with the modeling and texturing of our 3D model, we could create an unlimited amount of visualizations and packshots.

Sketching Motion And Interaction

Behind The Scenes

As you can see in this behind-the-scenes sketch, we always use good old pen and paper to get our ideas across. We worked openly and transparently with the design team at BeoPlay and their digital agency. Bouncing ideas back and forth is a simple, but very effective way to yield high-quality output.
Here are some of our initial sketches and conceptual thoughts. If you look closely, you can see glimpses of the finished product films.

“We owe you and the rest of the team a big ‘thank you’ for delivering at this high level in spite of various challenges. You managed to transform a series of loose ideas and thoughts to visually delicious animations completely in line with our product and brand. World class.”

Michael Rying

Head of Online

Breaking It Down

A Little bit about how it's made

Our approach might seem daunting for some product owners. Why not just go for the classic packshot done by a photographer? Here’s why: Although the upfront investment of making a 3D model might seem big, the possibilities that follow are huge compared to a simple photograph. Here’s a breakdown from 3D wireframe, to first render, to final lighted and textured model.

Once the product model and animations are created, the possible uses are infinite. On social media in particular, small video clips can have a huge impact.

Bjarne Christensen

Partner, Stupid Studios

Søren Bo Bastian

Creative Director & Partner

I worked as creative director on this project, and was responsible for making the most of this exciting collaboration between designers, animators and the project stakeholders.

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All A2 photos by: Rasmus Weng Karlsen

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