Bianco & Miss Lotion

The first installment of the ongoing rebranding of the Bianco footwear fashion brand. We added color to their conventional black-and-white style, moving the brand into a universe of playful patterns and bright, intriguing masks. Every face is born with a thousand masks to go with it.

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We All Wear Masks

Putting a face on fashion

We all wear masks every day. We sometimes try to mask strong emotions with a cool expression, or offer bright smiles when we want someone to like us or do what we want. But masks can also allow us to grow in positive ways, by letting us try out new identities and figure out who we really want to be.

Masks are intriguing, exciting, and thrilling.


Masks don’t just conceal – they also reveal.  A mask shows the way we want the world to look at us at that moment.

Daniel Gjøde

Creative Director

Content Driven Campaigning

Making stuff that matters

As part of every season and artist in residence, we’re putting up a campaign site focused on telling the artist’s story as it reflects on the Bianco brand. The selling of shoes is integrated in a subtle manner, creating a more content-driven user experience.


Madness That Matters

Why all the crazy artists and color?

While everything might seem very arty and experimental, it’s not all just for fun. Below is a tiny excerpt of the research that went into this before we devised the creative solution. Bianco had lost relevance and only a radical approach would breathe new life into the brand.

The Rebranding Of Bianco

The Assignment

When Bianco came to us, they were struggling to maintain their position in the market. Everything around them had disrupted over the course of just a few years, and the brand had simply lost relevance.

Part of our strategic assessment showed that Bianco needed to regain its position among early adopters who would serve as a driver for the rest of the market.

Getting Back In The Game

The Early Adopters Were Gone

From a creative perspective, Bianco needed a thousand times more life, color, now, and WOW. The first thing we did was to completely rethink their seasonal campaigns by introducing the Artist in Residence.

By using a new artist for every season, we would ensure a constantly fresh and vibrant brand experience, and allow for the vigorous creative expressions Bianco so desperately needed.

The Hard Facts

Results After The First Year

It’s been only one year, but the results of the Bianco makeover are already apparent. The work with PutPut and MissLotion from the first season has won several design awards. More importantly, the new approach has contributed to an overall financial turnaround for Bianco.

Daniel Gjøde

Partner, Creativity & Innovation

Reach out to Daniel with general inquiries to collaborate. He can quickly help figure out if there’s a match in need and competencies, and help take the first steps in setting up a hopefully long and fruitful collaboration.

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