Bianco & PutPut

Phase Two of the Bianco rebranding involves hair, sausages, fruit, lighted candles, and a lot more. The Everything Has A Sole campaign happened when we teamed up with the art duo Put Put.

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Everything Has A Sole

Shoes and their souls

It’s fascinating how humans relate to objects in their everyday lives, and why some objects mean more to us than others. Shoes in particular are objects that are widely collected and desired. Shoes are something we fetishize, and through that process they become almost living beings with a soul and emotions.

From there it only takes a small and elegant typo to arrive at our campaign slogan: Everything Has A Sole.

Art & Fashion

Color and playfulness works

We think routine packshots of every shoe in a collection are boring and outdated. Even worse, they don’t offer any sense of storytelling, which is what you need to build a brand. So we focused on the idea of combining visual art and fashion. For every season, we invite a new artist on board to interpret Bianco shoes in a new and compelling way. This keeps the brand fresh and relevant. We gave Bianco its edge back.


If you create something that’s unique and visually radical, your audience will listen, connect and interact.

Bjarne Christensen

Partner & Creative Director

Content Driven Campaigning

Making stuff that matters

As part of each season, we put up a campaign site that tells the artist in residence’s story, and how it’s reflected in the Bianco brand. The selling of shoes is integrated in a subtle manner, giving way for a more content-driven user experience.

Madness That Matters

Why all the crazy artists and color?

This may all seem very arty and experimental, but it’s not just for fun. Below is a tiny excerpt of the research on which we based this creative solution. Bianco had lost relevance in the fashion shoe market, and it was clear that only a radical revitalization would breathe new life into the brand.

The Rebranding Of Bianco

The Assignment

When Bianco came to us, they were struggling to maintain their position in the market. Fashion and media had changed rapidly in just a few years, and they had lost relevance as a brand.

Part of our strategic assessment showed that they needed to regain their impact among early adopters, since these consumers serve as a driver for the rest of the market. .

Getting Back In The Game

The Early Adopters Were Gone

From a creative perspective, the brand needed a thousand times more life, color, and WOW. The first thing we did was to introduce the concept of the Artist in Residence.

By using a new artist for each of Bianco’s X annual seasons, we would ensure a continually fresh and vibrant brand experience, and advance the kind of radical creative expressions the brand so desperately needed.

The Hard Facts

Results After The First Year

It’s been only one year, but the results of the Bianco makeover are already showing. Our work with PutPut and MissLotion – from the first season – has won several design awards. More importantly, it has contributed to an overall financial turnaround for Bianco.

Talk about a creative rebranding that works.

“Working with Bianco is one of the most interesting journeys I’ve ever been part of. The process of moving, pushing and re-thinking the brand has been amazing. Seeing what we’ve achieved in just one year just makes it even more exciting.”

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The artist duo we commissioned for this season was PutPut.