BLAST Pro Series

What does the future of esports look like? Bold, if you ask us.
RFRSH Entertainment asked us to help them shape their new brand BLAST Pro Series, and to bring the wildest esports event ever seen to as many fans as possible.

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a few facts on the impact and reach of the first ever BLAST Pro Series

130 / 14

More than 130 media representatives from 14 countries received accreditation for the event.

Sold Out

12.000 fans bought tickets to the arena that sold out a week before the event.

60 million

impressions, just from the BLAST Pro Series social media channels alone.

Steen L. Laursen

VP of Communications & Brand, RFRSH Entertainment

The purpose of BLAST is to make esports more accessible, without compromising its core. We worked for more than a year on this concept, and our ambitions with BLAST Pro Series are to create a live-experience that resonates with both the hardcore-fans while at the same time manages to successfully onboard new and curious fans. When done right, this becomes an insanely entertaining experience for all. Stupid Studio’s profound understanding of the esports domain combined with their creativity was instrumental to our success.

Innovating The Experience Space

Elevating the appeal of e-sports to a wider audience

One of the primary aspirations when we ventured into this project together with RFRSH Entertainment, was how we could amplify and elevate counter-strike into a more viewer-friendly experience. Obviously esports already have substantial global traction, but from an experience point of view, there is still much to be gained. So while the first step was to create a visual identity and brand platform for BLAST Pro Series, the longer term goal was to elevate the entertainment element of the game. Here’s how we innovated around the esports experience.

Brand New HUD

We re-skinned the interface the audience is looking at, also known as the Heads Up Display (HUD). All the in-game graphics were then on-brand and aided in creating a more coherent experience.

Visualising Game Dynamics

We added to the audience experience by emphasising key triggers in the battles. Burning team logos, when they reached five executive wins, countdowns to bomb detonations and an overall focus on making game dynamics visible to the audience.

Sponsor Visibility

Like with all big sports, sponsor exposure is pivotal. We helped emphasize this in subtle ways – for instance by animating team logo’s so they also showed team sponsor logo’s, and the team’s twitter handle.

Stage Graphics

Graphics for the big screens were designed to help create a better understanding of the game and rounds taking place. Also, the screens were leveraged to heighten fan engagement using fan-meters reacting to crowd noise and fan-cams showing fan reactions like you see in NBA and so on.

Educating Newcomers

To onboard viewers new to CS:GO, we created player cards describing the individual players, their capabilities, strengths and their overall BLAST pro score. All player cards are 100% stats driven, in collaboration with the go-to place for CS:GO stats

The Golden Triangle

The BLAST logo, the cracked triangle, was made a pivotal element that was used across platforms: From the shape of the center stage to the champion trophy. A simple visual element to fuse it all together to a coherent brand experience before, during and after the event.

Massive Coverage

BLAST Pro Series was aired online globally by Twitch, where the matches were streamed in 14 different languages. Apart from that, the event was shown on 15 different TV channels in 80 countries, including Danish Broadcasting Corporations DR3, where it broke their all-time viewer record, growing their share between 15-39 years to a massive 14,8%. The global amount of viewers is estimated to reach at least 10 million.

Brian Mikkelsen

Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

“Digitization has changed the world. Not least the sports and entertainment industry where e-sport and gaming are growing rapidly these years. Gaming is now bigger than movies and music, and this development only seems to continue. I see a great potential in gaming with the potential to create thousands of jobs and economic growth if we manage to grasp this opportunity and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry.”

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Feel The BLAST!

Official Aftermovie by BLAST Pro Series


With BLAST Pro Series having set the standard for what future esports should look like, we are now ready to continue pioneering this amazing new era of gaming.

Christian Mogensen

Partner, Stupid Studio

Christian Mogensen

Partner, Creativity & Impact

Reach out to Christian with general inquiries to collaborate. He can quickly help figure out if there’s a match in need and competencies, and help take the first steps in setting up a hopefully long and fruitful collaboration.

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