Carl Nielsen International Competition

Every third year, the classical music festival gathers the talents of tomorrow - and yet, it’s the usual old suspects that buy tickets. We created a new identity and brand experience that invites along generation X, Y and Z.

Animation, Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Design, Storytelling

Like Many Performing Arts Organisations, the CNIC Is Having a Hard Time Filling Seats

And that’s why they got in touch with us!
We were asked to help them refine the concept of the music festival and develop a brand experience that invites along young audiences.

A Rebel With a Cause

So, who was Carl Nielsen? He may not have worn sunglasses and a dark leather jacket, but he was actually a bit of a rebel rouser in his day. He composed some genuinely innovative and playful pieces and was deeply influenced by his native Funen.

Working closely together with the academy behind CNIC and our long-time partner Odense Symphony Orchestra, it was this inquisitive and curious heritage we decided to bring to life. Together, we adopted an agile design-by-doing approach, which included short workshops and prototyping.


A Visual Identity With Music at Its Core

We landed on a new visual identity and tone of voice that respectfully breaks with the mode of expression typically associated with the classical music scene. At its core is a new visual language with a 1:1 correspondence with music notation, allowing the CNIC to express any piece of music through the use of shapes and color. This ensures a visual identity that is modern, playful and just as importantly, dynamic and flexible enough to ensure durability and adaptability to a variety of platforms and content.

A Playful

Communication-wise, we strived to make every interaction with the music festival more open and inviting. On the website, this is manifested through an intro film that onboards newcomers to the CNIC, and a range of interactive features permeated by Carl Nielsen’s music.

“Stupid Studio helped us invent a new language – literally! Working together and finding a way to systematically translate something audible into shapes and colours felt quite revolutionary”

Musikchef, Odense Symfoniorkester

Christian Mogensen

Partner, Creativity & Impact

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