Communicating Childrens Rights

The National Council for Children works to safeguard the rights of children and young people in Denmark. We created this film to make it understandable for those it's about: The Children.

Animation, Brand Identity, Illustration, Social Impact, Storytelling

We All Have Rights. Children Too!

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is a human rights treaty which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children.

The Convention acknowledges that children have the right to express their opinions and to have those opinions heard and acted upon when appropriate, to be protected from abuse or exploitation, and to have their privacy protected, and it requires that their lives not be subject to excessive interference.

To that end, we worked with The National Council for Children on turning this rather complicated subject matter into something that kids would understand and be able to act upon.


“In the process, we invited children in to help us shape the manuscript and make the illustrations in line with their world view and understanding. Doing this was crucial in making the film resonate with them. In getting accross. We are not our users.”

Ane Vithner

Lead Designer

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Sine Christensen

Executive Producer & Partner

With a background as a multi-media designer and a bachelor's degree in Media Production and Management from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, Sine understands creative processes and at the same time has a flair for planning.

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