Citizens House

Citizens’ House in Odense is a quintessentially modern community house. A place for everyone to use and enjoy. We created an identity which reflects the individualism of its users as well as lends the building a coherent expression. A welcoming and quirky identity for a house containing, among other things, two libraries, Citizen Service, a volunteer centre and cafés.

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The Vibrant House

A new identity

Our brief was to create an inviting visual platform which could embrace the community as well as allow room for the quirkier aspects of the house. A simple and recognizable identity which could improve wayfinding and be easy to understand for all citizens.

The result was a dynamic framework, adjustable to the broad variety of its contents and target audience. Building on the geometric look of the house, we added colours and typography that balance the authority and seriousness expected in a public facility with a more playful and inviting expression.

Explore And Find Your Way

Way Finding

In such a large house with many rooms and common areas it was necessary to help visitors navigate and explore all of its nooks and crannies in an easy and playful way. Using a special frame and typography, we created a collection of sub-logos which connect all parts of the house via wayfinding. In the future, this dynamic system can be expanded with further sub-logos as the vibrant house continues to grow and change along with its users.

“Stupid Studio’s ability to be creative and think differently and design a product, you won’t find elsewhere, can definitely be ascribed to the entire creative team at the studio.”


Director of Culture, Municipality of Odense

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