Future Water City

Future Water City is part of a collaborative project focusing on the future of water technology. Stupid helped promote an expanding range of complex technologies in a simple and engaging way.

3D, Animation, Content, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Web Design

The Future of Water Technology


Denmark is an international frontrunner in water technology and has a long tradition of cooperation between companies, water utilities and universities. Future Water City is part of one of these collaborative projects, focusing on the challenges facing drinking water utilities.

Stupid Studios was asked to help promote the project and showcase an expanding range of complex technologies in a simple and engaging way.


Creating a City From Scratch


The initial assignment was to explain and visualize water technology projects developed by different researchers and companies. A vital part of getting this complex information across was giving the technologies a common platform and creating a consistent identity and universe. We agreed with the client to create a small virtual city where the expanding range of new technologies could find a digital home in a meaningful context.


Keep It Simple

Communicating trough animation

We wanted to convey the technologies in an accessible way, without a lot of heavy reading and technical information. We felt the best way to do this was with small explainer films, combining subtle animations and simple, colorful illustrations.

Subtle animated hints on the website create a sense of interactivity with the visual universe and smooth transitions. And the vibrant, multi-colored illustration makes exploration of the city engaging and memorable.


Flexible Visual Language

Motions Graphics & Identity

A big part of this project was to create a flexible visual language that could explain complex matters. We created a vivid yet high-tech identity, a range of unique icons, and an extremely flexible illustration style, making it easy to fit new product explainers into the universe.

“We knew it would be a challenge to communicate this high-level knowledge and technology in an engaging way to engineers across borders and continents.

By building an interactive map as main-navigation and using 3D animation, we managed to make a website with a lot of complex data and information visually inspiring.”

Bjarne Christensen

Partner & Creative Director

Honors And Mentions

Oh by the way. The website for this project won a “Site of the day” award,
at the highly acclaimed Awwwards.

Søren Bo Bastian

Creative Director & Partner

With his calm manner and steady hand, Søren always takes us along on a trip into the digital universe. He's right at the forefront of digital design, but also understands how to keep things user-centered and simple - yet never too simple. Even though he is a digital designer to the bone, he always creates his designs in a larger context.

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