Act For Arctic

In co-operation with Greenpeace, we made this film to help activists and supporters convince people to sign The Arctic Declaration. Our first challenge was to explain the problem in a short and understandable way.

3D, Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Storytelling, Web Design


Greenpeace Is Fighting For The Arctic

the challenge

Greenpeace reached out to us with this international campaign aimed at heightening their campaigners’ focus on the Arctic. Its purpose was to help campaigners in many countries reach out to influential local personalities in their areas to raise awareness about our melting poles and destructive oil drilling in those areas.

Our job was to help make this problem visible and support the ongoing activist work.

Based On A True Story

In the initial project phase, it was all about finding the right communicative hook for the campaign. Using a passionate brand ambassador is an effective way, and we were lucky enough to stumble upon Neil, a passionate and charismatic Political Advisor within Greenpeace. He had been working extensively with the Arctic project for some time, so we decided to tell the story from his point of view. Actually, Neil also ended up doing the voiceover for the video, which gave it an extra layer of authenticity.

Writing Up The Story

The manuscript and the storyboarding process that followed was done in close co-operation with the Greenpeace team. One classic challenge is finding a tone of voice that suits the project, and a story that manages to get a complex challenge across in a simple and understandable way. This always includes a lot of word-crunching and reading up on facts. We needed to understand the problem at hand.




Here is some screenshots from the storyboarding process. A very important part of film making, where we sketch every major scene of the narrative. It’s a great tool to discuss the content and progression of the story.


3D The Flat Way

Design-wise, we were looking for a friendly and loose stroke. Still, we knew we would have to animate a lot of scenes with spatial content, so we decided to create everything in 3D and then texture and post-process it to look more hand-drawn. The hand-drawn style emphasized that the project is a people-driven, grass-roots movement.

Sounds of the Arctic

The subtle effect of sound can’t be ignored when making films, and this was no exception. For this project, we teamed up with the talented sound designers at Zelig Sound in London, who created a crisp and cool atmospheric soundscape.

Write or Call

Call to action

The film was a part of a larger campaign initiative asking people to either sign a petition themselves or reach out to influential figures and ask them to sign The Arctic Declaration.

The Campaign was launched in the spring of 2014 and after 3 months the film had been seen more than 50.000 times.

You can support the cause and read more about it by clicking below.

When we work with mobilization and creating an actual conversion in the field of activism and engagement, it’s basically about making the message extremely clear and relevant to the people you’re talking to. That’s what works.

Bjarne Christensen

Partner & Creative Director, Stupid Studio