Komfo Brand Transformation

This is the story about how design-thinking & doing, enabled a rapid digital transformation for the social media software platform Komfo.

Short term results? In an internal evaluation, 100% of employees said that the rebranding had brought substantial impact across the spectrum: From c-suite to sales & marketing and product development.

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“Our primary goal of the rebranding was to manifest our position in the market and establish stronger relationships with our existing and new clients. Stupid Studio delivered way beyond these expectations.”

Rasmus Møller-Nielsen

CEO & Co-Founder, Komfo

Design Works On Many Levels

A Desirable Experience

Our playfully illustrated and colorful identity gave both their software platform and the company itself, a genuine sense of personality in a landscape of very corporate IT offerings – it made both things more accessible, approachable and enjoyable for the users and Komfo’s marketing team.

No Man Left Behind

Our unique design process played a pivotal role in their internal change management. A rebranding is a big deal, deeply tied to a company’s culture, and it has many stakeholders across the organization. Like always, we kept the communication levels high, and the people at Komfo was an integral part of the journey.

A Strategic Game Changer

From a strategic point of view, the rebranding helped their corporate management achieve several strategic goals and must-win battles – Cementing their purpose and intent, and thus enabling them to further their growth.

The Main Touchpoint for New Clients

The Komfo Website

Komfo’s website is their primary sales channel. It informs users about their offerings, it helps them generate new leads. The problem is, that this holds true for any provider of digital services. The website needed to do more than that.

We worked extensively in creating a differentiation point, that would serve as an effective overlay to these other mandatory needs. The answer was to be found in the use of a playful visual language and refreshing tone of voice, that ultimately made them look as sexy and accommodating as they really are (you should go meet them)


Balancing Content & Creative

Content Is King

By taking advantage of a split-screen layout, we only needed to create one powerful visual for each page, putting the written communication at center stage, rather than struggling with finding meaningful visuals for each page scroll. To that end, we used our illustration framework that was created as part of the identity, along with photos from Komfo’s office. As a result, the personality of the brand would then be perpetually present on all pages of the website.

Lead Generation Re-imagined

Boosting New Business

Komfo’s primary source of new clients is the leads generated online on their website. Relative to that, we explored on various approaches to make sure the website would act as an efficient aggregator and accumulator for new leads. We devised a unique sign-up system that integrated directly with Komfo’s customer management tool, making it easy to efficiently qualify leads and act quickly upon the relevant ones.


Understanding The Users & Their Journeys

The Komfo Application

User journeys need to provide us with an easy way to get started, lots of possibilities to take it further and the ability to gradually add depth and complexity to functionality, as the user becomes more familiar with the application features.

People are going to go on different journeys, and to reduce clutter, we divided the functionality of the application visually into core areas that made sense from a user perspective.

Removing complexity and improving onboarding

Our initial research revealed that users found the complexity of the software to be very high, thus impeding both onboarding and daily use. We approached this by mapping out users pain-points and from there we prototyped our way into a new and improved onboarding experience for each of the four platform applications.

For the design of the various platform applications, the use of illustrations was downplayed to maintain focus on functionality and a swift and user-friendly experience. Using the color scheme from the onboarding screens, the connection between branding, onboarding, and the application areas became logic and intuitive.

Publish On-boarding

Publish Application

Monitoring On-boarding

Monitoring Application

Measure On-boarding

Measure Application

Advertise On-boarding

Advertise Application

Komfo explainer video


“As a matter of fact, Stupid’s work has had a profound effect on our company culture, our self-image and has, essentially, changed our core DNA to the better.”

Lisbeth Chawes

Director of Marketing & Partners

Søren Bo Bastian

Creative Director & Partner

Helping transforming a company’s DNA through design and making software and communication more enjoyable for everybody.

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