Creative Play Lab

Creating and designing a dynamic and flexible brand identity for the LEGO®Group's innovation unit, Creative Play Lab. One that could live alongside both the LEGO® brand but also compliment the myriad of internal projects coming out of The Lab.

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The desired impact of the identity creation was multi-faceted, and here are a few of the metrics we delivered on.

Strengthened Reputation

The branding resulted in a strengthened reputation of Creative Play Lab in the LEGO® Group

Shared Pride

The new identity serves as a unifying symbol and reflection of the one-team attitude across the globe.

Time Savings

The new identity delivered time savings through clear and accessible assets and templates.


The how

Creative Play Lab is all about exploration and defining the future of creative play. Obviously, the identity had to support the plethora of explorative and early-stage experiments the teams are undertaking. While keeping everything playful and flexible, we also helped create templates and systems to make the team’s presentation and communication work more streamlined and simple, enabling them to focus on the important things: The future of play.

Our new visual identity has given us a shared point of pride and a coherent way of communicating that truly reflects the playful professionalism of our team.

William Thorogood

Vice President, Creative Play Lab

Daniel Gjøde

Partner, Creativity & Innovation

Daniel is the founder of Stupid Studio and Chairman of our Board from where he oversees and guides the company's strategy, vision, and growth.
Since launching the agency in 2006, he has defined Stupid Studio's strategy and vision, guided its growth, and helped nurture its creative business culture.

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