The M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

The M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark tells the story of Denmark as one of the world’s leading maritime nations, in an evocative and dramatic way.

We worked with the museum to create a new digital identity and storytelling that extends and deepens the museum experience - before, during and after the visit.

Brand Experience, Content, Digital Transformation, Storytelling, Web Design


Creating Purpose and Value

We created a digital experience and ensured a seamless experience across all physical and digital interactions.

Information first, second and later

Easy access to key visitor information – before, during and after the visit.

Improved (re)searchability

Re-structure and optimised search in archives to facilitate user exploration and research.

Meaningful aesthetics

A digital design echoing the museum’s iconic and award-winning architecture.

One Hundred Years Old
and Brand New

Keep Your Digital Brand Promise

The M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark is a true multifunctional museum. Built into an old dry dock in front of Kronborg Castle, it’s known just as much for it’s award-winning architecture as its’ exhibitions, research center and impressive archive of our nation’s maritime history.

But there was one significant thing the museum didn’t deliver on: A solid digital brand experience deepening the actual visit.

When does the museum experience start and where does it end?

In this digital day of age there’s no single answer, and that’s why we started out by hosting a co-creation workshop with the museum’s staff – right from curators and librarians to admissions staff and event managers.

By collecting their insights and pairing them with basic web analytics and visitor statistics, we were able to draw a vivid picture of key audiences and the information and experiences they were hoping to find online – before, during and after their visit.

Marrying Usability, (re)Searchability and Aesthetics

Building on our findings, we designed a unified digital experience welcoming architecture students, maritime history geeks and average museum-goers alike.

By using “styletiles” to define the “look & feel” of the experience in the initial state of the project, we could focus on functionality and communication without having to discuss aesthetics.




The Digital Brand Experience

Aesthetically, the website echoes the museum’s multi-angular architecture and maritime references, while simultaneously providing easy access to visitor information and paving the way for those wishing to dig deep into our country’s seafaring history.


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