Odense Symphony Orchestra

It was time for a new beginning. Odense Symphony Orchestra’s existing identity was fragmented and didn’t reflect the energy and passion within the orchestra and organization.

We collaborated with the orchestra to redefine its brand and expand its reach and relevance.

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Does Classical Music Require a Classic Look?

The Challenge

We’re used to seeing classical music portrayed in the same old garments, but why? Why do we rush to conform to the stereotypes of a design genre?

Odense Symphony Orchestra is one of five regional classical orchestras in Denmark and was founded in 1946, but it has roots going all the way back to the 1800s.
History is a huge part of the orchestra’s character. But just like a lot of cultural institutions with a long history, the orchestra’s past alone can no longer justify its brand. Our challenge was to reach out and capture the energy and dynamics of classical music in a more contemporary way – to appeal not just to the “usual suspects”, but to the next generation. A potential new audience that might not otherwise have an interest in classical music.

Putting Ideas To Action

The new identity

We started out by uncovering the perceptions of the existing brand and researching new ways to engage with the audience.

In collaboration with the team from Odense Symphony Orchestra, we created the new visual identity based on a strong graphical system. Combining shapes with warm inviting colors and bold typography, we were able to create a visual identity that reflects the orchestra’s heritage while engaging the audience in a contemporary way.

Creating A Visual Language

Show me the music

Emotionally attractive design makes people feel good. It gives them a stronger sense of ownership. This means putting the needs of the audience above your own in the way you build your brand.
The music is naturally a very big part of a concert experience. It creates emotions that the audience remember and share.

We wanted to explore how sound and energy could be translated into a graphic universe. By looking at classical music through motion graphics, we discovered beautiful patterns emerging. From there, we developed a graphical system that could translate the experience of listening to classical music into a fun visual language.






Creating A New Tone Of Voice


In the process of designing the new visual identity, we created a logo mark based on the acronym Odense Symphony – OS. The Danish word OS translates to “us” in English. We strongly believe it takes both good design and good copy to build a strong brand and we really liked the idea of being able to play around with the typography and communication to make the guest feel part of something bigger. We wanted to communicate in a friendly and personal tone of voice, like “Come spend your Tuesday with OS” (“us”).

“Let the agency do their job. This kind of work is not something you can create yourself. Remember you hired them for a reason.”

Trine Lai

Chief of Communication & Marketing at OS

An Online Branding Platform

The digital universe

The core visual identity was created to work across multiple platforms. Alongside the brand rollout, we created a new digital universe that is playful and engaging, as well as balanced and focused on the core activities of OS.

Online ticket sales

The primary goal for the website was to sell more tickets. By using video, motion, and sound, we wanted to add that extra level of experience to the visit. Our goal was to encapsulate the mood that users are about to experience when they buy a ticket.

At the same time, we had to make sure that users easily could find the concerts they were looking for, get the information they need to make a buying decision, and be inspired to seek out more concerts.

The solution was a mix between information and inspiration.

A multipurpose platform

We developed a dynamic platform where OS could work with information, branding and sales.

Practical information is a big part of the website, so we developed a coloring system feeding on the color shift concept from the identity, making the site feel alive, dynamic and energetic even though the information seems static.

Staying relevant in the eyes of the audience

We imagined new ways of using the brand in and around the physical spaces of the concert hall and how new color schemes could be introduced and used to visually guide the guest from one season to the next, making the brand stay relevant for a longer period of time. Recommendations also included layouts for more eye-catching print advertisements, as well as ways to use video to make the brand come alive.

Christian Mogensen

Partner, Creativity & Impact

Branding is dynamic. The way a brand works is constantly evolving. Think of your brand as a promise to the public. It guarantees certain qualities and values to which they can relate. If the promise is kept, it creates confidence in the brand and brand loyalty. It lives ‘out there’ in the hearts and minds of the individual. It’s the reaction to you; the collective emotional response to your identity and communication – all of it.
With a project like this, long-term commitment and close collaboration is key. And that’s the very nature of how we want to work with clients at Stupid. It’s a great ongoing collaboration.

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