OFF16 – Odense International Film Festival

In 2008, we started working with OFF, Odense International Film Festival.Over the years, we’ve increased audience numbers by 400%, and helped transform the local film festival into an industry-acclaimed event attracting ambitious filmmakers from all over the world.

Animation, Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Illustration, Motion Graphics


The task

Every year, Odense International Film Festival culminates in a grand award show celebrating talented filmmakers from around the world. People dress up, statuettes are handed out and there’s a standing ovation.

This calls for some engaging visuals that can elevate the event and turn it into an experience that the audience will remember.

For the 2016 event, we created an audio-visual montage of classic film soundtracks, mixing archetypical western movie themes, cartoon sound effects, horror scores and dramatic drama music to build excitement, laughter and suspense throughout the show.

The Logo in the Leading Role


How far can you push an identity before you start to loose it? Since we had worked with OFF for a couple of years, we felt it was time to push it a bit further. We deconstructed the logo and, ahem, experimented a little.



Crash, Pow, Wow!  Turn the sound on for the full experience in the following videoclips.


The Trailer

Generate exposure

To help generate exposure and grow a loyal fan base, we created a short festival trailer, based on the animations we designed for the award show.

Engaging an audience

The solution

Each year, we come up with novel ways of attracting and engaging the festival’s audience. As a general rule, we strive to create unexpected and meaningful experiences for various target groups, right from school children to cinephiles – and that strategy has proved fruitful. We’ve expanded our reach year after year, and the event is now renowned as an Oscar® qualifying festival and international showcase for short film.



10 years of OFF

Daniel Gjøde

Partner, Creativity & Innovation

Reach out to Daniel with general inquiries to collaborate. He can quickly help figure out if there’s a match in need and competencies, and help take the first steps in setting up a hopefully long and fruitful collaboration.

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All photos courtesy of OFF