OFF18 – Odense International Film Festival

In 2008, we started working with OFF, Odense International Film Festival.Over the years, we’ve increased audience numbers by 400%, and helped transform the local film festival into an industry-acclaimed event attracting ambitious filmmakers from all over the world.

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The Impact

OFF has become an inclusive event offering meaningful experiences to a growing audience.


Internationally acclaimed showcase for short film

More visitors

Increase in total visitor count over a 10-year period

Oscar qualifying

Accredited as Oscar® qualifying short film festival

The challenge

Better OFF

When we started working with OFF, the then 30-year old festival was starting to look a little old. The event had few attendees and wasn’t attracting the crowd of established and debuting filmmakers it was aspiring to. We were asked to rebrand the festival and build a communication platform and brand strategy that could reposition and grow the festival at a comfortable pace.


Learn from those who do it well

How do you rebrand a film festival? Rather than conduct hours of desk research, we headed to Berlin to attend its international film festival, the Berlinale.

That turned out to be money and time well spent. The notebooks we filled with observations and ideas during those few days back in 2008 has served as our inspiration catalog for almost a decade.

The solution

Expect the unexpected

One of the major insights we brought back home from the Berlinale is that people attend cultural festivals to experience something new, something unexpected.
That’s how we landed on the tagline and overarching brand concept, Expect the unexpected, and built a dynamic and ever-changing brand identity and platform around that.

Each year, we adopt a new color-scheme, introduce a new mascot, and come up with novel ways of attracting and engaging the festival’s audience. As a general rule, we strive to create unexpected and meaningful experiences for various target groups, right from school children to cinephiles – and that strategy has proved fruitful. We’ve expanded our reach year after year, and the event is now renowned as an Oscar® qualifying festival and international showcase for short film.



10 years of OFF

Daniel Gjøde

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Since launching the agency in 2006, he has defined Stupid Studio's strategy and vision, guided its growth, and helped nurture its creative business culture.

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