The Pump House

A complete visual update resulted in significantly higher ticket sales, more web visitors and a unique Google ranking. All in all, a very successful digital strategy for The Pump House.

Brand Identity, Strategy, UX, Web Design

Create The World's Best Event Calendar

The Brief

That might sound a little exacting, but that was the ambition from the client’s side. Our work was focused on creating a great customer experience. The live music experience is something very special, and we wanted fans’ experiences before and after the concert to be just as good.

We created a calendar that worked both as an enjoyable user journey while also acting as an extension of Pumpehusets (The Pump House’s) ticket office.  We introduced advanced filtering, sorting and display options that made it possible for the user to tailor the calendar to his or her favorite genres or preferences.

Visitors’ preferences were stored so that the data could contribute to an even better user feedback at the next visit, in the form of concert suggestions, notifications and news. All were specifically chosen and presented based on the user’s behavior on the website.

“We have been supported, challenged and enriched.  The process with Stupid Studios, and our trust in them, has brought us a lot of publicity, much higher visitor numbers, significantly more interaction with our guests and, last but not least, a lot more tickets sold.”

Ronnie Hansen


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The Experience In Focus

During the conceptual process, we quickly came upon an important insight: The Pump House doesn’t sell tickets. It sells experiences and lifestyle. Its product is a luxury good for most people and for exactly that reason the experience it delivers should begin with its website. Via unlimited use of video, music, and images from each concert, we made it possible for visitors to get close to the artists and get inspired right on the website. Our thesis was that if we didn’t inspire visitors online, we would never convert them into paying concert guests.

Let's make it a bit more interesting than usual

Interactive timeline

The Pump House’s history goes back many years. The building itself has an interesting history – it was one of Copenhagens first water plants and had three steam driven turbines – and the Pump House as a venue also has a colorful past. Some of the world’s greatest artists have been backstage and out in front of audiences there, and that’s a story we naturally wanted to show off – while at the same time creating a setting where the story could continue to develop in the years ahead.

The Pump House in Peoples Pockets


A well-optimized mobile site meant The Pump House’s event calendar was never further away than your pocket. The mobile site was based on the same platform as the main site, minimizing editorial work, but we restructured the content to work better for a user on the go. What’s happening now? Are there tickets left? How do I get there?

Selling Tickets To Fans Is Easy


A band’s fans will always buy tickets to its concerts. But helping people who love music find out about new artists, and getting them to buy tickets to those new artists’ concerts – that’s a true challenge.

To address that challenge, we developed an advanced filtering system that automatically saved each user’s music preferences and then used them to suggest other artists, events and concerts he or she might like. We integrated this data with The Pump House’s digital newsletter and used it to create communication that was relevant and meaningful.

Modern Typography

For a place like The Pump House, we needed a modern font with a long lifespan. The redesign of the classic DIN font, with its soft lines, helped create a sense of clarity and calmness amid some of the exciting and expressive music photos and videos featured on the site.

Bold Color Choice

The color palette we chose for The Pump House allowed us to both systemize and vary the way we expressed its identity. Purple is a symbol of spirituality and creativity: combined with a more passionate red and a quiet blue, it created a feeling of mystique, refinement, spirituality and class.



Time On Site

The average user’s time on site increased by more than 30% in the first three weeks after we launched the platform.

2:30 Minutes

Average Time On Site

The average time spent on the site increased exponentially: an average user now stays on the site for 2.24 minutes.


More Tickets Sold

Ticket sales rose 5% during the first three weeks the site was online. After just three months, the project had paid for itself in increased ticket sales.

#1 On Google

Optimized SEO

In a generic Google search of “concerts in Copenhagen”, The Pump House was in first place compared to other independent music and event venues after just one month.

“I worked as creative director on this project, and was responsible for the general concept and digital strategy, client management, UI, UX, design and the development proces. This project shows how the right digital strategy and design can revitalize a business.”

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