Voting For What?

Denmark is a part of the European Union – but with a few significant exemptions. Now the Danes are going to vote for or against the continuation of these exemptions. It’s complex stuff from a communications perspective. Stupid helped the Danish Parliament translate it into something every voter can understand.

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Politics Are Tricky

confusing but important

When it comes to communicating something that most people doesn’t really understand – and maybe don’t even really care about – a strong and engaging communication strategy is key.

Parliament Web. Unparliamented.

Making it personal and accessible

We wanted to strike a perfect balance between trustworthiness and a more playful website that encourages the user to discover and learn. The infographic style is classic and signals objectivity, but offsetting colors and a hand-drawn touch in the animation creates a sense of personality and intimacy often absent in public communication.

In other words: Parliament sites don’t have to be formal and stiff.
We never assume there’s this fixed style we have to follow. We’d much rather look at each communication challenge as something that can be solved by applying creative design thinking and the right strategic approach. The result is engaging and surprising. It’s a fresh, modern way to disseminate complex ideas in a democracy

The result is engaging and surprising. It’s a fresh, modern way to disseminate complex ideas in a democracy.

Christian Mogensen

Partner, Creativity & Impact

Public Web Comes Alive

Let's Talk At Eye Level

Many people find politics hard to navigate and understand, and EU politics can seem particularly fuzzy.
When we got this assignment, we wanted to create a platform that could help clarify this important issue. A platform where questions get answered in a way you and I can understand: Approachable, friendly politics for everybody.


Simplifying Complexity

The website

When it comes to the concept, a strong communication strategy is key. We started by breaking the issues down to something that was as basic as possible. But no matter how much we simplified them, these complex issues still needed contextual support for the reader.

The content strategy

We started out by building a hierarchy of information based on how long we would retain each user’s attention. The chosen solution gave a lightweight introduction to the first-time visitors with just 10 seconds to spare, and funneled more interested readers down to extensive content.

One of our favorite details was the highlighting of associated menu items as the instructional video played. This discreetly nudged the user towards continued exploration of the subject.

Using illustration and animation

Small explanatory, almost icon-like, illustrations were brought to life by our animation team, through-out the page, increasing the engagement and lightened the complexity of the material.

Our creative development team took the challenge and made the site come to life across all browsers and platforms.

Using Social Media to Engage Voters

Getting social

Many voters already knew about the election, but not many knew the details and the consequences of voting “yes” or “no” in December. Giving the complexity of the matter, most voters natural response is to postpone a decision to the last second.

To get the voters engaged in an early state of the election process, our animated illustrations where perfect for promoting the site across social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Christian Mogensen

Partner, Creativity & Impact

Christian is all about the vortex between brand identities, motion graphics and digital. He has worn many hats in his career; entrepreneur, advisor, strategist, creative director, CEO. As a result, he has a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges.

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