Skole 200

The danish elementary school celebrated its 200 anniversary with a new identity and web platform developed by Stupid

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An identity for both kids and adults

The identity

The brief was simple.

The campaign identity had to appeal to all Danes of all ages. Solving the challenge turned out to be quite simple.

The physical objects

Everybody has a connection to the elementary school. To embrace all the different experiences over a 200 year period, we used the physical objects from the danish education throughout the last two decades to make a connection between personal memories and the anniversary.

The production

To create the identity we collected a number items from the elementary school throughout the last 200 years. We integrated all the physical elements into our brand universe, and executed the identity across print, web and social media.

A living identity


The skole 200 identity was the base identity for the anniversary, but during the main campaign several other activities was being executed. Theese activities needed to be visually different than the main activity, so we created a set of sub identities.

Lærer for livet

A campaign dedicated to celebrate the life as a teacher. ‘The campaign was made in collaboration with the danish tv channel 4.

Uge 200 & Fest 200

Uge 200 and Fest 200 was a week long celebration of the anniversary for both students and teachers, with a feature week and a final party.

1. skoledag

A celebration of the first day of school. The campaign collected photos from the first day of school from the danish citizens, and made it into a historic collection of photos from the past 200 years.

Skolernes sangdag

In collaboration with the danish broadcast station DR, a national song day was organised, where the students from the danish elementary schools were singing danish songs.


A responsive design for all platforms


The stories

Part of the celebration was to tell the the stories of 200 years of school. To accommodate this we built a story section on the website, where all the unique stories could be told. For the intro to the stories we used our physical objects to intrigue the user to get started exploring.

The Nation Celebrates

Durring the anniversary other instances was encouraged to participate in celebrating the anniversary by making events and exhibitions. To make this accessible to the public and the students of the elementary schools, we collected all the events and exhibitions on the site.

The sub campaigns goes online


The sub campaigns evolved into several different campaign pages, all integrated into the skole 200 website.

Lærer for livet

This campaign was celebrating the life as a teacher.The web page was used to show the activities of this campaign, tell the stories of outstanding teachers throughout the last two decades, combined with video interviews of some of todays most trendsetting teachers.

Uge 200 & Fest 200

The schools anniversary was celebrated during week 42 with a feature week and a party. On the campaign page the teachers had access to feature week educational content, and for the students a competition where arranged, where they could win a school party. All they had to do was to upload a video, telling the Board of Skole 200, what the ultimate school party would look like.

1. Skoledag

This campaign collected photos of the Danes first school day, and made them into a historic collection to be viewed online. To make awareness of the campaign we developed a gamification concept where the users could send a quiz to their friends on Facebook, encouraging them to see if they could find their friends first schooldays photo among several others photos.


Jubilæet har udviklet sig og blev mere omfangsrigt end oprindeligt forudset. Her har identiteten, farverne og hjemmesidens opbygning vist sig så fleksible, at nye projekters selvstændige identitet har kunnet indarbejdes og gensidigt forstærket selve skole200 identiteten. Den feedback, vi har fået fra publikum og samarbejdspartnere på designet, – særligt hjemmeside og plakaterne – fremhæver det fantasifulde, det inspirerende og det smukke design.

Sekretariatet for skole i 200 år


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