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Can design help save dying fish populations? We worked with Greenpeace to create a pan-European campaign to help restrict corporate fishing – and were excited when it actually helped prompt new legislation. This film was just one part of the campaign.

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Something Fishy Is Going On

The Challenge

The European Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) governs EU fishing. It was supposed to ensure sound and sustainable fisheries, but by 2011, it was clear that it had failed. Three out of four fish stocks in Europe were overfished and in deep crisis.

That meant fishing had become increasingly unprofitable and dependent on public subsidies. Ironically, the subsidies and fish quotas went mainly to the same huge, high-tech trawlers that had pushed European fish stocks to the brink in the first place.

Greenpeace planned a campaign that would focus on smaller, artisan fisheries as the alternative to the destructive big boats, and put pressure on the European Parliament to revise the Fisheries Policy.

Our job was to help translate this problem to something people would relate to and act upon. We needed to devise a pan-European concept and communication platform that would help resolve this challenging and imminent problem.


“I don’t care about fish stocks.  All I care about is dinner.”

The average fish eater


Illustrating a Good Point


To communicate the importance of artisanal craftsmanship and sustainability, we chose graphics with a rough, hand-drawn feel, even though all of the animations were made inside a 3D software package. It gave the film a personality of its own.


The Art of Political Persuasion

Targeting The Members of Parliament

In our research we found – not surprisingly – that the best way to influence politicians is through their home countries, home districts and the people they know personally.
That’s why the film was addressed to specific ministers in each E.U. country.

Localized versions were made in each country’s language and with the names of its real ministers. That made it easier for supporters to spread it locally, and gave it more impact.


Honors & mentions

Christian Mogensen

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