The Nude Project

Together with body-wear company Heist Studio, we set out to raise awareness of the fashion industry’s lack of diversity and crowdsource nudes from all over the world.

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The Impact

Our campaign for a more inclusive palette of nude tights was embraced by men and women globally.

email sign-ups and nudes submitted in 2 days.

Massive PR
in leading and trendsetting media, incl. The BBC, Huffington Post, The Financial Times, Stylist, Leanluxe, WGSN, Fader and Hypebae.

Social Buzz
Significant uptick in SoMe activities related to Heist and the diversity agenda.

Building Awareness

If you’re a woman or man of color, finding a pair of nude tights that match your skin tone can be a close-to-impossible quest – and Heist Studios wanted to do something about it! But rather than simply introduce another dozen nudes to complement the measly 7 shades that are currently on the market, they wanted to build a movement and get people involved in the cause.

Crowdsourcing Nudes

So, how many different skin tones are actually out there? By some estimates, there are 7 billion – roughly corresponding to the number of people walking planet earth. That’s how we came up with the idea of crowdsourcing nudes from all over the world, hoping to get a more representational sample of the shades needed to skin-match the world’s tight-wearing population.


The solution

We Built a Movement

To raise awareness of the issue and engage people globally, we created The Nude Project: A platform where you can take photos of your skin, and submit it to a growing, public bank of nudes.

And the idea resonated. Within two days, word had spread and thousands of nudes and email signups were submitted in support of the cause.

Select your pose

Submit your skin colour

Make a statement

Check out other nudes


…and share your own

“Having shared an image of my phizog with The Nude Project, I eagerly await the spectrum of colours that will more accurately reflect my own skin colour when I shop for sheers next spring.”

Jo Ellison

The Financial Times

Creating A Social Buzz

Kickstarting the campaign by a heavy media push on all social platforms.

Resulting in a Social media wildfire and a whole host of influential online mags, blogs and news sites such as The BBC, Huffington Post, The Financial Times, Stylist, Leanluxe, WGSN, Fader and Hypebae.

View the buzz

Huffington Post

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“It was a delight to work with Stupid Studios on The Nude Project – the team were super to work with, and went over and above to deliver the project on schedule”

Ellie Howard

Heist Studios

Daniel Gjøde

Partner, Creativity & Innovation

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