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When TV 2, Denmark’s largest commercial TV station, turned 25, that called for a celebration. We helped mark the occasion with a brand-new on-air look we both designed and produced. This new, dynamic approach laid the foundation for a wider collaboration with the rest of the channels in the TV 2 family.

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Rebranding TV 2

New look for denmarks largest commercial tv station

In an intense four-months of work, our job was to help TV 2 invigorate and execute their new master brand. It began with the launch of the new on-air design for the main channel in connection with its 25-year anniversary. During those four months, we worked out tons of animation principles, design sketches, information grids and technical tests to take the entire project to a higher level. Below you can see some excerpts from the results, as well as a bit of the process behind it.

On-air What?!

Three answers to one question

A TV channel’s on-air design is the glue that binds all its programs and broadcasts together. Typically it’s seen as part of an overview of programs ahead, or as a little vignette before a block of advertising. But it is much more than that, and serves many purposes: first and foremost to inform, but also to brand the channel and retain viewers.

Strong Collaboration

cocreation leads to better results

Stronger design and a more thoroughly considered concept with co-creation

In order to create a strong, sustainable design and expression, we worked closely with various parties involved in the project. This co-creation was expressed through the creation of the on-air identity, but it also needed to be a central part of the channel’s DNA. It needed to help viewers get involved via social media, video and other channels.

One Big Family

The new masterbrand

One of the most important assignments in the creation of TV 2’s new on-air design was the establishment of design and animation principles that would unify a growing number of channels and make them feel like part of a larger family. A separate company, Designit, and TV 2 Design developed an overall master brand that was a visual guideline for all of TV 2 and its channels. A central part of TV 2’s new design DNA was the slanted line in the well-known TV logo, and that became a fundamental graphic element.


Twitter and Facebook feed integration on the broadcast screen, and ongoing challenges and invitations to viewers. We developed several new pop-pups and new sign formats.


The opportunity for viewers to send in their own videos and the ability to quickly integrate them. Timeliness and a sense of familiarity were key.


To create a grid and an information system that would make cross-promotion and cross-referencing between channels more natural and integrated.

Second Screen

Broadening users’ involvement and begin thinking in terms of a second screen. On air design is first and foremost a communications task.

The proces and sketches

Four months might seem like a long time, but it isn’t when so many different phases of the design process must be considered. We worked dogmatically and with weekly sprints where we evaluated the results we’d achieved and the progress we were making. Below you can see a little film showing excerpts from the process.

From Idea To Execution

getting it on tv

A design process like this one can be roughly broken into five phases: Idea development, research and experiments, design, production and final implementation and testing. Reality is usually not that linear, however, and technical opportunities and limitations are a side process that begin very early in order to be sure that the desired design can be executed.

The finished on-air design consists of hundreds of graphic stumps that need to work together across channels, time slots and broadcasts.


Our design work was based on lines in the new TV2 master brand. It was our job to conceptualize, invigorate and produce the new on-air design for TV2’s main channel – naturally in close co-operation with TV2 and its design team.


How do you get a TV channel out of the box and into people’s living rooms? We worked intensively to strengthen the experience of unity and familiarity on TV2, and experimented and implemented new ways of using on-air design.


There are many stakeholders and the ambitions are large in a job like this one. That was why there was also major strategic work around the new on-air design. Throughout the process, we compared our creative work against the strategic ambitious and evaluated our progress.

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