Vestergaard Zerofly

Smallholder farmers account for 3.8 billion of the world’s population contributing 50% of all food calories produced globally, yet they are challenged by volatile market conditions and post-harvest losses of up to 20%. We are helping Vestergaard break this vicious cycle, through a radically new approach to establishing food security.

Brand Strategy, Opportunity Mapping, Product Innovation, Social Impact

Positive Social Impact

We are currently helping Vestergaard take the first steps in developing a game-changing social innovation that essentially aims at pulling small household farmers out of poverty. Here’s six of the SDG’s that it addresses.


Research On The Ground

“Stupid’s effort in this early crucial stage is paramount. In their capacity as designers and brand strategists, they help us make sense of the opportunity, and devise a way forward.”

Allan Mortensen

Director, Vestergaard Food Security

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Since launching the agency in 2006, he has defined Stupid Studio's strategy and vision, guided its growth, and helped nurture its creative business culture.

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