Can design help translate a complex service into something everyone will understand? German tech company Zitra asked us to help them break down the complexity of their product and create a new explainer video targeting their B2B market.

3D, Animation, Branding, Motion Graphics

A Complex Service
Isn't An Easy Sell


Zitra develops new technology and infrastructure for the fashion and lifestyle industry. It operates as a brand partner, offering clothing, furniture and lifestyle brands a one-stop solution connecting them with leading online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Zalando or JD. Sounds simple enough, right?

Complicated Service,
Simple Explanation


Zitra’s core mission is to scale up international brands by offering sales, marketing and fulfillment services. But the technical and complex language used to explain these services can prevent business owners from discovering the full potential. We believe a fresh point of view can help break down even the toughest of challenges. So we started off the process by reviewing Zitra’s business proposal and translating it into a more tangible storyline, making it easier to understand and relate to.

Serious But Friendly


Zitra already had a strong visual identity, but no real illustration style to work with. So we developed a new set of graphical elements that were added to their existing visual identity. We knew from the very start that we needed to design a serious but easy‐to‐understand illustration language.

At the same time we wanted to soften up the visual identity, making it more friendly and approachable without losing its promise of quality. The result was an array of cool flat graphic assets we could use to make Zitra’s communication come to life.

Bringing It To Life


Flow is always a key issue to address and can really make or break an animation. So we always do our best to find simple and exciting ways to carry the viewer from one scene to the next. In this production, we ended up playing around with spring delays to give the objects some subtle life as we moved from one scene to the next. Really helped tie it all nicely together.

“We are so happy with the result. We simply love working with you guys!”

Anne Bartels


We Also Got
A Rotating Globe In!


And it’s not just for show. Zitra is an international top-­level player and all about connecting consumers with their desired brands and products through high level technology and experienced human support – all around the world. The rotating globe helps reinforce its image as an international player.

Christian Mogensen

Partner, Creativity & Impact

The human brain is an amazing place! 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed up to 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. In fact, the average person retains 80% of what they see but only 20% of what they read. For organizations struggling to communicate complex messages, video can be a great choice. It can help drive engagement and create better understanding. Of course, your video will have to be creative and relevant for the target audience to make sure that your message stands out from the competition.

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