February 21, 2020

Now we have the foundation for our grassroots movement to grow. What’s next?

Last fall we developed a grassroots movement for a ...

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A small film about the vision and aspiration of the Ord Smitter movement

January 27, 2020

Exploring Futures with 80 Curious Students from the Danish Design School in Kolding.

Today we travelled to a bunch of futures with nearly 80 curious students from Designskolen Kolding, as a part of their yearly DesignCamp. Our two play designers, Rebecca and Neza, facilitated a fun and engaging futures workshop elevating the students' imaginative thinking - but at the same time providing them with a great way to get to know their teammates better.

We’re always excited to facilitate such sessions for all sorts of organisations. Reach out if this is something you’re looking for. or find it more about our approach in our experiential future section.