July 1, 2019

Our “Ord Smitter” Movement Launched With Style at Tinderbox Festival

Last week our initiated movement “Ord Smitter” @ordsmitter had its first introduction to the world at @tinderbox_official ? We couldn’t have wished for a better beginning of a movement aiming to inspire everyone on the planet to utter words with care. Join the movement at ordsmitter.dk (in Danish) #stupidwork #ordsmitter #tinderbox2019

August 24, 2018

Developing a New Business Model to Pull Smallholder Farmers Out of Poverty

We just I spend an incredible week in rural Kenya with a small team from Stupid. The objective was to help Vestergaard take the first steps in developing a hopefully game-changing social innovation, that will pull small household farmers out of poverty.

This is a bold undertaking, to say the least, but if anyone can pull it off its Vestergaard. They have successfully brought clean water to millions of kids, safeguarded a billion people from malaria, and are doing substantial work to establish food security in developing countries.

We are now on this journey with them and are using our design and innovation skills to help them develop, design and implement a viable and sustainable business model. Some of the bigger questions we are posed with are:

– How do you design a system that is globally scalable, yet locally attractive?

– How can we design a de-centralized business model to make it self-sustaining and resilient?

– How can we rapidly prototype core aspects of the idea in various developing parts of the world?

– How can a new business model establish food security in highly volatile and sometimes corrupt markets?

Here's a few impressions from the trip...