A unique rebrand of one Denmarks largest spaces for contemporary art and culture.

Brandts, a contemporary art museum in the heart of Denmark, was facing a number of strategic and artistic challenges.

Stupid Studio was brought in to help them redefine what it means to be a contemporary art museum, and how a physical space for visual arts could fit into the vast and growing array of cultural possibilities in the digital world. We worked closely with the entire organization on the creation of a new visual identity, brand- and communication platform.



One Museum, Two Locations

The challenge of the second building was addressed with a subtle and elegant variation on the key visual. The bold and graphic Brandts ‘B’ was the main graphic element, but with a small adaptation, the ‘B’ turned into the number 13 – coincidentally, the street number of the second building. Thirteen is traditionally an outlaw number, which some people believe brings bad luck, and the new building houses slightly more outlaw art — freaky, funky and eccentric works by up-and-coming artists.


Coherent Branding And Increased Ownership

The new Brandts identity isn’t trapped within a fixed palette of colors when it came to marketing exhibitions and events. Instead, a single key color is chosen for every exhibition. The key color serves as both a well-chosen supplement to the exhibition at hand and as a navigational element.

Using the key visuals as graphic overlays immediately gave Brandts its clarity and ownership back. Brandts marketing can now be coherent no matter what exhibition happens to be on at the moment.


“Positioning a museum as the place to go to, is both  better and more attractive than having to advertise an artist over and over again”


“Stupid created a dynamic identity for Brandts.
Their work is spot on, and a perfect start for our new journey: Creating Denmark’s best museum.”

Director, Brandts



Daniel Gjøde

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