Attracting the talents of tomorrow

Design School Kolding


This was a daunting challenge. How do you attract an internationally minded, culturally woke, and generally urban-oriented GenZ to move to a small Danish city in Jutland to study design! We teamed up with the school, and maybe more importantly, its students, to tell a series of personal stories of what student lifestyle looks like in Kolding. 

The results? An instant 14% increase in applicants.

Step 1:
Launching a brand film, designed to connect with future students emotionally and communicate the schools values and beliefs.

Step 2:
Launch a series of "track films", one for each track a designer could pursue when becoming a student.

Step 3:
A series of films showcasing the actual tracks a student can sign up for when joining the school.

"With insight and courage, the team at Stupid took us by the hand and pushed the limits of what we thought was possible. The result is clear: A series of films that are not only aesthetically pleasing, great from a storytelling perspective, but also does the work from a strategic perspective."

Charlotte Melin 
Head of Communication, Design School Kolding