Let's bring symphonic music to a younger and more diverse audience

Odense Symphonic Orchestra

Branding, Website

The brief from the Odense Symphonic Orchestra was quite literal and straightforward: "Our audience is dying. How can we bring in a younger and more diverse crowd?"
Through our bespoke brand process, we took everyone on board – including more than 80 musicians – and led the co-creation of a new, vibrant and dynamic identity for the orchestra and music hall.

It redefined its role in contemporary culture and gave it the reach and relevance it was looking for.

Putting Ideas To Action

The new identity

We started out by uncovering the perceptions of the existing brand and researching new ways to engage with the audience.

In collaboration with the team from Odense Symphonic Orchestra, we created their new visual identity based on a dynamic and lively graphical system. Combining shapes with warm inviting colours and bold typography, we were able to create an identity that reflects the orchestra’s heritage while at the same time engaging the audience in a contemporary way.