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Increased globalisation, an unpredictable future, a growing need for adaptable skills – these are just a few of the reasons why educational change is necessary. To inspire cultural transformation and form the beginning of a community of learning and practice, our long-time partner, the LEGO Foundation, asked us to help them build a network of the world’s most innovative and playful schools.

Over the course of 2 years, we facilitated the creation of the Playful Schools Network, connecting teachers, school leaders, and education experts from around the world to share inspirational approaches to learning through play.


The Network

Empowering changemakers and building a network

Through user research, strategic sparring and regular co-creative meetups, we set up a framework where members could share their inspirational practices and exchange ideas to implement learning through play in the classroom.

Using specialised tools and platforms, like, we made sure to document the development of the network, visualise the complexity of social connections and how the movement gradually gained traction - all in an effort to ensure continuous growth and dissemination of the learning through play agenda.


Overcoming distance and creating strong bonds through online facilitation and in-person experiences


The Conference

+7,000 people engaged in learning through play

In March 2023, the project culminated in The Playful Schools Conference, a 3-day global meetup where over 7,000 educators signed up to learn from 30 thought-leaders in the field of playful education.

During the conference, participants could join workshops and talks to understand the science of learning through play, try hands-on approaches to playful learning, and get practical tips and inspiration to implement more play in the classroom.


The Aftermath

"The Playful Schools Network empowers me to know that more teachers share the same vision.”

Playful Schools Network Member



To inspire cultural transformation, you need to build a movement. On this project, we drove change from the bottom up, helped form connections and accelerate innovation.