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TV 2 News is Denmark's leading 24-hour news channel, providing a continuous stream of international breaking news, talk shows, impactful documentaries and engaging political discussions. 

In the spring of 2023, TV 2 Denmark underwent a rebranding transformation with the assistance of Kontrapunkt, and in support of the new brand Stupid Studio helped create a new visual identity and on-air design for TV 2 News.

Two fundamental shapes make up the new core of TV 2 News: circles and squares. The pulsating circle represents the heartbeat of the newsroom, inviting viewers into the news world. Meanwhile, the squares adapt and evolve, enabling viewers to focus on the most crucial aspects of each story presented. At the centre of it is a new visual globe, a universally recognized symbol representing TV 2's commitment to delivering local news and information from every corner of the world.

A framework for diverse storytelling

As TV 2 News brings stories and images from all corners of the world, their expressions can vary widely. To encompass this diverse mix, the visual identity relies on a set of clear graphic elements and a flexible grid. This approach provides room for each story to be told in a unique while uniting them under a cohesive visual framework.


24/7 and always up-to-date

Throughout the day, TV 2 News remains closely aligned with the ever-changing rhythm of the news cycle. Consequently, its approach to unfolding stories undergoes a natural evolution, transitioning from brief updates to in-depth analysis. In line with this editorial approach, the visual representation also transforms as the day unfolds.

Creating a unified
cross-platform experience


Behind the scenes
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