How do you adapt quickly to tectonic shifts in consumer behaviour and new emerging needs? By leveraging the entrepreneurial power of co-creation, facilitated in a playful and inclusive manner.

Co-creation at scale doesn't happen by itself

Co-creation is probably the only meaningful approach to the design of, well, anything, really.

The simple reason for this is that for any new product, service, startup, or brand to work in this complex and connected world, you need to bring in as much diversity, and perspective as possible – from the very get-go.

But co-creation at scale doesn’t just happen by itself.

With a playful approach to co-creation, we help develop the necessary organisational mindset, the methods to leverage the wisdom of the many, and tailor bespoke tools that empower coworkers to think up the new.

Co-creation can happen on every level of your organisation, and ideally, it extends beyond the boundaries of it.

When going all-in, cultural transformation unfolds, but at the very least, co-creation will increase the speed and quality of your innovation efforts significantly.


What we do

Co-Creation Strategy
Innovation Strategy & Approach
Bespoke Co-Creation Methods & Tools
Facilitation & Execution of Complex Design / Business Challenges
Learning Through Play Sessions: New Ways of Working
Inspiring Bottom-Up Mindsets & Fueling Entrepreneurial Spirits
Organisational Learning & Habitual Change


Connecting people & business through play

Our facilitation methods are not like most others.

We genuinely believe in the power of learning through play, which is why we infuse all our co-creation and facilitation efforts with elements of play and playfulness. 

This helps connect people in new, inspiring, joyful and immersive ways that would be impossible to achieve using regular approaches to ideation and collaboration.

The play elements, however subtle they may be, (and don't worry, it's not kindergarten) will work their ways in enabling all participants to tap into common emotions, enabling a shared sense of direction, and from a business perspective help uncover previously unidentified opportunities.


How you can benefit

Co-creation is the key to successful innovation in our fast-moving, complex world. It is a powerful paradigm fueling the entrepreneurial spirits of any organisations co-workers. Here are some of the ways you can leverage co-creation:

  • It helps break down organisational silos, affording cross-functional collaboration and innovation.

  • It enables a bottom-up approach to innovation, providing a structured way of letting co-workers bring in their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • It ensures that perspective and diversity is brought into the mix as early as possible.

  • It provides a safe space and allows coworkers to connect on a deeper level, bringing a shared sense of direction.