We create multiple future scenarios for forward-thinking organisations, providing them with a strategic reframing of where they think they’re going, or maybe even needs to go. This process enables organisational learning and helps build resilience.

It's not a game of prediction.
It's a game of preparation.

Anticipating and preparing for the future is an important element of strategic thinking, which informs strategy making, enriching the context within which strategy is developed, planned and executed.
However, asking oneself what a better version of something might be like, without direct tools for a fix to hand, can feel immature and naive. Yet it’s by formulating visions of the future that we can more clearly start to define what might be wrong with what we have – and set the wheels of change in motion.

In many places, long term thinking is only found in the depths of a report, but we take a different approach. We believe that to understand anything, you have to experience it, and only then can you set the wheels of change in motion.

Coming from the world of design thinking and design doing, we experience first-hand how the world is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous to navigate (often referred to as a VUCA World)

For this reason, we have made our own Sensible Futures Framework™: A structured approach that blends foresight skills with design thinking and doing. It enables your organisation to develop, experience and prepare for alternative futures together with coworkers, leaders and - even - the real people who will be living in it.

The result is a strategic reframing of the journey you need to take - if you want to guarantee a relevant, desirable and sustainable future for your organisation.

What we do

Strategic Foresight
Scouting & Sense Making
Opportunity Space Mapping 
Scenario Development
Design Fiction & Storytelling
Physical & Digital Experiential Futures 
Product, Service & Experience Prototyping
Future Exploration Workshops
Front End Innovation


How you can benefit

Future explorations and scenario development are hugely relevant to any organisation that seeks to stay on top of their game, build resilience, and to truly build the new. There’s a number of ways you can benefit from our services in this domain. Here are a few...

  • It helps you break free of present-day realities to envision a genuinely novel future.

  • It helps test existing goals and strategies against alternative futures.

  • It helps develop visions of preferable futures and reverse engineer a pathway to get there.

  • It helps establish a shared mindset and framework about the future.

  • It enables you to plan for future uncertainties and/or identify emerging risks and opportunities.


Through our work, we enrich the context within which your strategies are developed, planned and executed.
We usually facilitate and lead the entire process, involving your team throughout, ensuring that the outcomes are consistent and backed by insights and emerging patterns.

The output of the process will be tangible and actionable future scenarios, co-developed with your team, to establish a high degree of ownership.